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The Sanctuary

A terraced linear layout follows the natural site contours for The Sanctuary, a 5,500 multi-generational designed home. Four connected pavilions step gently from wing to wing to support the individual and family needs, each with their own identity but unified in theme and south facing orientation.


The design character of this unique residence had to comply with strict design jury requirements. The “ranch style” inspired residence, with subdued toned tile roofs, sycamore colored walls and stone buttressing captures the rolling park views from every space.


Massive sliding doors pocket into walls from the living, dining, and kitchen areas for seamless transitions to the exterior cascading dining terraces and accented water elements.


As the structure weaves itself into the site, the interior finishes and details reflect this continuous theme in the cabinet faces, tile details, and in the dining room with its’ dramatic wall of woven mahogany slats. The open and flowing floor plan along with the elegant materials,abundant natural light, radiant heating and passive cooling make this award winning home a place of total serenity.

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